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For anglers and boating enthusiasts who aim to maintain the vitality of their fish or bait during an outing, a livewell aerator conversion kit is indispensable. Converting a standard cooler into an oxygenated livewell safeguards sea life by mimicking the natural conditions of moving water, thereby minimizing stress and maintaining health until release or use. A quality kit typically includes all necessary components such as a pump, hose, fittings, and an aerator, making installation straightforward for virtually any boat model.

The selection of a suitable livewell aerator conversion kit depends on various factors, including the size of your cooler, the type of fish or bait you’re keeping, and the duration of their intended stay. Regular maintenance of the system ensures its long-term effectiveness and reliability, ultimately enhancing the fishing experience. Additions like advanced aerators, temperature control mechanisms, and even water treatment can further optimize the livewell environment.

Key Takeaways

  • A livewell aerator kit transforms a cooler into a life-sustaining environment for fish and bait.
  • Selecting the appropriate livewell kit is crucial for the health and longevity of aquatic catches.
  • Regular upkeep and potential enhancements maintain the performance of your livewell system.

Livewell Aerator Conversion Kit Overview

Livewell aerator kits are essential for transforming a standard cooler into an effective livewell system. These kits include the necessary components to create an environment that keeps fish and bait alive and healthy.

Components of a Livewell Aerator Kit

A typical Livewell Aerator Kit includes a pump to circulate water, a hose for water transfer, fittings, and plumbing to secure connections, and an aerator to oxygenate the water. These components work together to maintain adequate oxygen levels and water movement within the livewell.

Types of Livewell Kits

There are various types of livewell kits available, ranging from simple to more complex systems. The ultimate livewell kit usually features a high-capacity pump and advanced aerators, catering to the needs of serious anglers who require a robust system for larger quantities of fish.

Benefits of Installing a Livewell System

Installing a livewell system provides multiple benefits, including extending the life of live bait, improving the health and quality of caught fish, and conforming to fishing tournament standards. It’s an investment that enhances the overall fishing experience by ensuring bait and catch remain in optimal condition.

Choosing the Right Livewell Kit

Selecting an appropriate livewell kit requires understanding the specific features that meet an angler’s needs. The choice can greatly impact the health and longevity of live bait or catch during a fishing trip.

Factors to Consider When Buying

When considering the purchase of a livewell kit, one should first evaluate the compatibility with existing equipment. For instance, certain kits by Flow-Rite are designed to convert coolers into functional livewells, ensuring a seamless match with many standard cooler brands such as Yeti or Rtic. Another critical factor is the kit’s capacity and flow rate, often measured in gallons per hour (GPH), like those offered by Rule, which indicate how effectively the water is circulated and oxygenated.

CompatibilityMust fit cooler or space you plan to convert.Yeti, Rtic
Capacity and Flow RateThe volume of water circulated and oxygen level maintenance.Rule
Price and AvailabilityShould suit your budget, and the product needs to be in stock for purchase.Amazon
Additional FeaturesSuch as heat exchangers to maintain water temperature, should also be considered.

Buyers should also take price and availability into account. With many affordable options online like Amazon, the buyer can find a variety of livewell kits in stock. Extra features may include heat exchangers to regulate water temperature, which is crucial in maintaining the liveliness of the bait or catch.

Comparison of Popular Brands

Popular brands offer a range of products tailored to different fishing needs. Flow-Rite is well-regarded for its comprehensive livewell kits, which provide all the necessary components for converting a cooler into a livewell. They feature adaptable drain control valves and premium cable actuators suitable for various fishing environments.

However, for anglers seeking portability, compact solutions such as those highlighted through Keep Alive might be the better choice. Their offerings emphasize ease of installation and mobility for those on the move. Both the price point and included features vary across these brands, giving the buyer multiple options to find the right livewell kit that aligns with their specific fishing conditions and vessel setup.

Installation Guide

In this section, the reader will learn to convert a standard cooler or bucket into a functional livewell using an aerator kit. It’s important to follow the step-by-step instructions with attention to detail, ensuring a watertight and efficient system to maintain fish health.

Preparing the Cooler or Bucket

One must begin by choosing an adequate cooler or bucket that will serve as the livewell. This container should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before any modifications take place. Using a template, the user should mark the areas where the bilge pump, drain elbow, and other components will be installed, ensuring enough space for the necessary hose clamps and connections.

Assembling the Aerator System

Assembling the components starts by attaching the bilge pump securely inside the cooler or bucket, usually towards the bottom, with the intake free of obstruction. The hose clamps are applied to prevent any leakage where the hose meets the pump and the output of the pump meets the elbow connector or aerator. They should fasten all connectors tightly with a screw lock where applicable to ensure a firm installation.

Final Installation Steps

The final steps include using a hole saw to cut precisely marked holes for the bilge pump wires, the hose, and the drain elbow. It’s crucial that every cut is measured accurately to prevent the entry of excess water. The user then connects the aerator system to a power battery, tests the flow and spray pattern, and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure the system functions correctly.

Maintaining Your Livewell System

Maintaining a livewell system is essential for ensuring fresh water circulates properly to keep fish and bait alive and healthy. This requires diligent routine cleaning and immediate attention to any issues that arise with the pump or aerator to safeguard against equipment failure and losses covered by warranties.

Routine Cleaning and Upkeep

You should inspect your livewell regularly for any signs of debris or buildup, as these can impede the flow of water and oxygen necessary for aquatic life. The pump, often the heart of the system, must be examined for any blockages or wear and tear. Ensure the aerator is in good working order, as its role in oxygenating the water is critical. Here’s a brief checklist:

  • Inspect the pump for blockages and signs of damage
  • Check the aerator to make sure it’s producing sufficient bubbles
  • Clean the livewell after every use to prevent algae and bacteria growth

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you confront an issue with your livewell system, you should first check for the most common problems. This includes ensuring that the pump is receiving power, the aerator is functioning, and there’s adequate fresh water flow into the system. In many cases, issues can be resolved by:

  • Making sure the intake valves are clear and free from obstruction
  • Verifying that electrical connections are secure and not corroded
  • Consulting manufacturer guidelines and warranties for proper maintenance and parts replacement

Enhancements and Accessories

Upgrading a livewell system can significantly improve its functionality and efficiency. This section will discuss specific enhancements and accessories that can be added to a livewell aerator kit to optimize its performance.

Additional Fittings and Modifications

When customizing a livewell conversion kit, it’s critical to ensure that all components are properly adapted to fit specific needs.

For instance, adding a bucket adaptor allows for a seamless fit into different container sizes.

To prevent water backflow, you might consider installing a check valve, which is designed to allow water to flow in only one direction.

Furthermore, to maintain a tight seal and prevent leaks, caps for water and air nipples are essential; they protect against unwanted water loss and air intake, ensuring the system remains intact and functions effectively.

Portable Livewell Upgrades

For anglers looking to maintain a portable livewell system, certain upgrades can enhance both portability and operation.

A suction cup can be utilized to secure the pump system within the cooler or bucket, preventing it from moving during transport.

A drain tube is an indispensable addition, allowing for quick water changes which are crucial for the health of the contained aquatic life.

It might also be beneficial to keep sandpaper handy; it can be used to smooth any rough edges around holes or fittings, guaranteeing a better fit and prolonging the durability of the components.

All these upgrades contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly portable livewell system, which can be an asset for any fishing expedition.


A livewell aerator conversion kit is an essential investment for anglers and boat owners looking to maintain the health and vitality of their catch. These kits are designed to transform a simple cooler into a fully functional livewell, complete with a pump, hose, fittings, and a spray head aerator, facilitating ample oxygenation and proper water circulation.

The ease of installation and the practicality that a conversion kit offers make it a versatile and cost-effective solution. Anglers can confidently engage in catch-and-release fishing knowing that their kit is working to keep fish alive, reducing stress and preserving the quality of their catch.

Before making a purchase, one should consider factors such as tank size, portability, and pump strength to ensure the most effective upgrade to their fishing setup. Whether a seasoned fisherman or a casual hobbyist, adding a livewell aerator system can markedly improve the fishing experience.

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