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In the world of fishing equipment, few names were as synonymous with innovation and quality as KeepAlive. Known for their extensive range of fishing gear, KeepAlive was a beacon for anglers and fishing enthusiasts worldwide. However, in a surprising turn of events, this once-thriving company has ceased operations. This blog post pays homage to KeepAlive, exploring their journey and the products that made them a household name in the fishing community.

The Company: KeepAlive

Background and History

KeepAlive started as a small business with a big dream: to revolutionize the fishing experience. Their mission was to provide high-quality, durable, and reliable fishing gear that catered to both amateur and professional anglers. Over the years, KeepAlive grew in popularity, becoming a leading brand in the fishing equipment industry.

Philosophy and Innovation

The core philosophy of KeepAlive was innovation. They were pioneers in introducing advanced technology in fishing gear, focusing on enhancing the fishing experience while preserving marine life. Their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices earned them accolades and a loyal customer base.

KeepAlive Products

Aerators by KeepAlive

KeepAlive’s aerators were celebrated for their state-of-the-art design and functionality. These aerators stood out in the market for their efficiency in oxygenating water, which is vital for keeping live bait healthy. Additionally, they were known for their quiet operation, a feature particularly appreciated by anglers who required a serene fishing environment. The reliability and effectiveness of these aerators made them a top choice for both amateur and professional fishing enthusiasts.

1. The KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infuser: This top-of-the-line aerator was designed to infuse pure oxygen into the bait tank. It was renowned for its ability to keep bait fish healthy and active for extended periods. The system utilized a special diffuser that created fine bubbles, maximizing oxygen absorption and minimizing stress on the bait.

2. The KeepAlive Airflow Aerator: Ideal for smaller bait tanks, this aerator was compact yet powerful. It operated quietly and efficiently, ensuring a steady supply of oxygen. Its low power consumption made it a favorite among anglers for both short and long fishing trips.

3. The KeepAlive Dual Power Aerator: This versatile aerator could be powered by both a battery and a car adapter, making it perfect for on-the-go use. It featured adjustable settings to control the oxygen levels, catering to different types and quantities of bait.

Live Bait Tanks by KeepAlive

Alongside their aerators, KeepAlive’s live bait tank Transporter Systems were another cornerstone of their product line. These tanks were designed with a focus on durability, ensuring that they could withstand the rigors of frequent fishing trips and various environmental conditions. The portability of these bait tanks was also a key feature, allowing anglers to easily transport their live bait to different locations. The combination of robust construction and ease of mobility made KeepAlive’s live bait tanks highly praised in the fishing community.

1. The KeepAlive Green Bait Tank: This tank was known for its durable construction and signature green color, which helped calm the bait. It came in various sizes, catering to different fishing needs, and included an integrated aerator system.

2. The KeepAlive Round Bait Tank: Designed for easy handling and transport, this round bait tank was a popular choice for its space-efficient design. It featured a built-in aerator and a clear lid for easy monitoring of the bait.

3. The KeepAlive Oval Bait Tank: This tank offered more space for bait compared to the round model, making it suitable for larger catches. It included all the features of the round tank but with additional capacity and a more streamlined design for better water circulation.

4. The KeepAlive Portable Bait Tank: Perfect for anglers on the move, this portable bait tank was lightweight yet sturdy. It came with a detachable aerator, making it easy to set up and use anywhere. Its compact size did not compromise its efficiency in keeping the bait alive and active.

Livewells by KeepAlive

The KeepAlive Livewells were a game-changer in the industry. They provided optimal conditions for storing live catch, ensuring that the fish remained healthy and lively. These livewells were a favorite among competitive anglers for their reliability and advanced features.

1. The KeepAlive Tournament Series Livewell: This livewell was designed with competitive anglers in mind. It featured a large capacity, robust construction, and advanced oxygenation systems to keep the catch alive and healthy. The Tournament Series was known for its durability and performance in harsh conditions, making it a staple in professional fishing tournaments.

2. The KeepAlive Recreational Angler Livewell: Tailored for recreational fishing, this livewell was more compact and user-friendly. It still maintained high standards of fish care with efficient oxygenation and gentle water circulation. Its ease of use and portability made it a favorite among casual anglers.

3. The KeepAlive In-Boat Livewell: Specifically designed to be integrated into boats, this livewell was a seamless addition for serious anglers. It came with customizable fittings and a powerful, yet quiet, aeration system. The in-boat design allowed for maximum space utilization and convenience.

4. The KeepAlive Portable Livewell: This model offered the ultimate in portability without sacrificing functionality. It was ideal for anglers who needed a reliable livewell on the go. Despite its portable size, it included all the essential features of a standard KeepAlive livewell, such as effective oxygenation and sturdy construction.

5. The KeepAlive Oxygen Infused Livewell: This livewell stood out for its advanced oxygen infusion technology. It was capable of maintaining high oxygen levels, crucial for the health and vitality of the catch. This model was particularly popular in regions with warmer climates, where oxygen levels in water can drop significantly.

6. KeepAlive Livewell Accessories and Add-Ons

  • KeepAlive Livewell Oxygen Regulator: An essential accessory for precision oxygen control in livewells. This regulator was easy to install and allowed anglers to adjust oxygen levels based on the quantity and type of fish.
  • KeepAlive Livewell Water Pump: Designed to work seamlessly with KeepAlive Livewells, this pump ensured a constant flow of fresh water, vital for the well-being of the catch. It was known for its reliability and energy efficiency.

Green Fishing Lights and Dock Lights by KeepAlive

Innovative and environmentally friendly, the green fishing lights and dock lights by KeepAlive were designed to attract fish without disrupting their natural habitat. These lights were not only effective but also energy-efficient, making them a popular choice for night fishing enthusiasts.

1. Green Fishing Lights

  • The KeepAlive Submersible Green Fishing Light: This was a highly popular product among night fishing enthusiasts. The submersible green light was designed to attract a wide variety of fish by emitting a wavelength that fish find appealing. It was durable, waterproof, and could be submerged to various depths, making it versatile for different fishing environments.
  • The KeepAlive Floating Green Fishing Light: Ideal for shallow waters and areas near the surface, this floating green light provided an effective way to attract fish to the boat or dock. It was easy to use, simply requiring to be turned on and placed on the water surface. The light was energy-efficient and had a long battery life.

2. Dock Lights

  • The KeepAlive LED Green Dock Light: This dock light was designed for permanent installation and was a favorite for illuminating fishing areas around docks and piers. The LED technology ensured high brightness and low energy consumption. Its green light not only attracted fish but also added a beautiful ambiance to the docking area.
  • The KeepAlive Portable Green Dock Light: For those needing a more flexible solution, the portable green dock light was the go-to choice. It was easy to install and remove, making it perfect for temporary setups or for anglers who frequently changed fishing locations. Despite its portability, it offered strong illumination and was just as effective in attracting fish.

3. Accessories and Enhancements

  • KeepAlive Light Intensity Controller: This accessory allowed anglers to adjust the brightness of their green fishing lights, providing greater control over the light’s fish-attracting capabilities. It was compatible with both the submersible and floating light models.
  • KeepAlive Solar Charging Panel: Designed for the eco-conscious angler, this solar panel could be used to charge the batteries of the portable green lights. It was a sustainable solution that reduced the need for traditional battery replacements.

Bait Pumps by KeepAlive

KeepAlive’s bait pumps were another testament to their commitment to quality. Known for their robust construction and efficiency, these pumps were an essential tool for maintaining the oxygen levels in bait tanks, crucial for keeping live bait in optimal condition.

1. The KeepAlive High-Performance Bait Pump: This bait pump was designed for heavy-duty use and was capable of handling large volumes of water. It was ideal for larger bait tanks and was known for its durability and high efficiency. The pump ensured a continuous flow of fresh, oxygen-rich water, keeping the bait in optimal condition.

2. The KeepAlive Portable Bait Pump: For anglers on the move, this portable bait pump was a perfect choice. Compact and lightweight, it was easy to transport and set up. Despite its smaller size, it provided sufficient power to maintain healthy bait in medium-sized tanks.

3. The KeepAlive Dual Power Bait Pump: This versatile bait pump could be powered by both a battery and a car adapter, making it suitable for a variety of fishing scenarios. It was known for its reliability and consistent performance, ensuring that bait remained lively throughout the fishing trip.

4. The KeepAlive Submersible Bait Pump: Designed to be fully submerged in the bait tank, this pump was extremely efficient in circulating water and maintaining oxygen levels. It was quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to clean, making it a popular choice among anglers.

5. Accessories and Add-Ons

  • KeepAlive Pump Filter: This filter was an essential add-on for any KeepAlive bait pump. It helped to keep the water clean by filtering out debris and preventing clogs in the pump system. This extended the life of the pump and ensured a healthier environment for the bait.
  • KeepAlive Aerator Conversion Kit: This kit allowed anglers to convert their existing KeepAlive bait pumps into aerators, providing additional oxygenation for the bait. It was an economical solution for those who wanted to enhance their bait tank setup without purchasing a new aerator.

Fishing Oxygenation Systems by KeepAlive

Perhaps the most groundbreaking of KeepAlive’s offerings were their fishing oxygenation systems. These systems were designed to enhance the dissolved oxygen levels in water, significantly improving the survival rate of live bait and catch. This technology set KeepAlive apart from its competitors, showcasing their dedication to innovation and sustainability in fishing.

1. The KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infusion System: This system was the flagship of KeepAlive’s oxygenation technology. It was designed to infuse pure oxygen directly into the water, significantly increasing the dissolved oxygen levels. Ideal for both bait tanks and livewells, this system was crucial for keeping fish and bait healthy, especially in warmer waters where oxygen levels naturally drop.

2. The KeepAlive Oxygen Regulator System: This system included a precision oxygen regulator and a diffuser. It allowed anglers to finely control the amount of oxygen being released into the water, which was vital for different types of bait and fish. The system was compatible with standard oxygen cylinders, making it easy to set up and use.

3. The KeepAlive Portable Oxygenation System: Designed for anglers on the go, this portable system provided a compact and efficient solution for oxygenating water in smaller tanks and containers. It was battery-operated, making it ideal for short trips and situations where portability was key.

4. The KeepAlive Oxygen Cylinder System: This comprehensive system included a high-capacity oxygen cylinder, regulator, and diffuser. It was intended for professional anglers and long fishing trips, providing a consistent and high-volume oxygen supply. The system was robust and designed for heavy-duty use.

5. Accessories and Enhancements

  • KeepAlive Oxygen Cylinder Refill Adapter: This adapter allowed anglers to easily refill their oxygen cylinders from larger tanks, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution for maintaining their oxygenation systems.
  • KeepAlive Diffuser Stones: These stones were designed to create fine bubbles, maximizing the oxygen absorption in the water. They were an essential part of the oxygenation system, ensuring efficient and effective oxygen distribution.
  • KeepAlive Oxygen Tubing: Durable and flexible, this tubing connected the oxygen cylinder to the diffuser, ensuring a secure and leak-free oxygen supply. It was designed to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments.

Expanded Product Range of KeepAlive

Re-circulating Kits & Thru-Hull Units: KeepAlive’s Re-circulating Kits & Thru-Hull Units represent a significant advancement in onboard livewell management. These systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with a boat’s existing livewell setup, providing efficient water circulation and aeration. They are essential for anglers who require a reliable system to maintain the health of their live bait and catch during longer fishing trips. The kits ensure that water remains oxygen-rich and clean, which is crucial for the vitality of the fish.

Low Pressure Air Diffuser: The Low Pressure Air Diffuser by KeepAlive is a specialized product aimed at optimizing the aeration process in both bait tanks and livewells. Operating at a lower pressure, this diffuser ensures an even distribution of oxygen, creating an ideal environment for keeping live bait and catch healthy. Its design focuses on maximizing oxygen absorption while minimizing stress on the aquatic life, making it a vital tool for both recreational and professional anglers.

Specialized Oxygen Infusion Systems: KeepAlive’s advanced oxygen infusion systems were designed to significantly enhance the dissolved oxygen levels in water, proving invaluable in scenarios where maintaining optimal oxygen levels was challenging, such as in warmer climates or during extended fishing excursions. The legacy of these systems remains a testament to KeepAlive’s commitment to innovation and excellence in fishing technology. For enthusiasts and professionals who had the opportunity to use these systems, they continue to represent a pinnacle in fishing equipment technology.

Technical Specifications

Delving into the Details of KeepAlive’s Innovations

For the technically inclined anglers and enthusiasts, understanding the specifics of fishing gear can be crucial in selecting the right equipment. Here’s a closer look at the technical specifications of some of KeepAlive’s key products:

1. The KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infuser

  • Oxygen Delivery: Adjustable oxygen infusion rate.
  • Power Source: Compatible with both AC and DC power supplies.
  • Operating Voltage: Typically 12V for DC operation.
  • Diffuser Type: Advanced micro-bubble diffuser for efficient oxygen dispersion.

2. The KeepAlive Airflow Aerator

  • Flow Rate: Capable of aerating tanks up to a certain gallon capacity (specific rate depends on the model).
  • Power Consumption: Low power draw, optimized for extended use.
  • Noise Level: Engineered for quiet operation, suitable for serene fishing environments.

3. The KeepAlive Green Bait Tank

  • Capacity: Available in various sizes (e.g., 20 gallons, 30 gallons).
  • Material: High-strength, UV-resistant materials for durability.
  • Design Features: Includes integrated aerator system, insulated walls, and a calming green interior.

4. The KeepAlive Submersible Green Fishing Light

  • Light Intensity: High-lumen output, specific lumens depending on the model.
  • Waterproof Rating: Fully submersible with a high waterproof rating (e.g., IP68).
  • Power Source: Options for battery-powered or direct power connection.
  • Operational Depth: Designed for various depths, suitable for different fishing environments.

5. The KeepAlive High-Performance Bait Pump

  • Flow Rate: High-volume water circulation, suitable for larger bait tanks.
  • Power Source: Options for battery-operated or direct power connection.
  • Durability: Constructed for heavy-duty use and longevity.

Note on Specifications

These technical specifications are indicative and based on general standards in fishing equipment. For precise details, especially for specific models, it’s recommended to refer to the original product manuals or contact experts who have direct experience with KeepAlive’s products.

KeepAlive Products and Their Alternatives

1. Aerators

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive Dual Power Aerator


  • Frabill Aqua-Life Premium Portable Aerator
  • Marine Metal Products Bubble Box Portable Air Pump
  • Johnson Pumps Ice Chest Aerator Kit
  • Bass Pro Shops Portable Aerator
  • Rule Portable Livewell Aerator Pump

2. Live Bait Tanks

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive Green Bait Tank


  • Engel Live Bait Cooler with Aerator
  • Yeti LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket (with aftermarket aerator)
  • Frabill Magnum Bait Station
  • Bait Up Live Bait Container
  • Flambeau Outdoors Portable Aerator

3. Livewells

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive Tournament Series Livewell


  • Moeller Marine Livewell
  • Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tanks
  • Ranger Boats OEM Replacement Livewell
  • Flow-Rite Livewell System
  • Attwood Tsunami Recirq Aerator Kit

4. Green Fishing Lights

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive Submersible Green Fishing Light


  • Hydro Glow Fish Light
  • Underwater Fish Light Brand Green Dock Light
  • Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light
  • Lumishore SMX23 Underwater Light
  • Fire Water Marine 12V MAXX LED Green Underwater Submersible Night Fishing Light

5. Oxygenation Systems

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infusion System


  • Marine Metal Products Super Saver 12V Bilge Pump Aerator Kit
  • The Oxygenator Pro Livewell Flush Mount
  • T-H Marine OXYGENATOR Pro Livewell Flush Mount
  • Livewell Oxygenator by Keep Fish Alive
  • AirPro Max Livewell Oxygen Infuser

6. Bait Pumps

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive High-Performance Bait Pump


  • Tsunami Aerator Pumps T800 GPH Livewell Pump
  • Rule Marine Tournament Series Livewell Pump
  • Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump
  • Shurflo Bait Sentry Livewell Pump
  • Johnson Pump Cartridge Aerator

7. Fishing Lights and Dock Lights

KeepAlive Product: KeepAlive LED Green Dock Light


  • Lumitec Mantis Underwater Dock Lighting System
  • Deep Glow Green Underwater Light for Docks
  • Bluefin LED Dock Light
  • OceanLED Sport S3116s Underwater LED Light
  • Aqua Dock Lights LED Underwater Fishing Light

The Closure

Despite their success and contributions to the fishing industry, KeepAlive has ceased operations. The reasons behind their closure remain unclear, but the impact of their absence is felt deeply within the fishing community. KeepAlive’s legacy lives on through their products, which continue to be used and cherished by anglers worldwide.

Impact on the Fishing Community

Adapting to a World Without KeepAlive

The closure of KeepAlive has left a noticeable void in the fishing community. Known for their innovative and reliable fishing gear, KeepAlive had become a trusted name among anglers, both amateur and professional. The sudden absence of their products from the market has had several implications:

1. Search for Alternatives: Anglers who relied on KeepAlive’s unique aerators, bait tanks, and oxygenation systems have been compelled to seek alternatives. This shift has led to a renewed exploration of the fishing equipment market, with anglers comparing features, quality, and prices to find suitable replacements.

2. Preservation of Existing Gear: Those who own KeepAlive products have become more focused on maintaining and preserving their existing gear. Given the unavailability of new KeepAlive products, the existing ones have gained an almost ‘vintage’ value among enthusiasts.

3. Impact on Fishing Techniques: KeepAlive’s products, especially their advanced oxygenation systems, played a crucial role in certain fishing techniques and practices. Their absence has led some anglers to modify their approaches, especially in environments where maintaining the vitality of live bait and catch is challenging.

4. Community Discussions and Knowledge Sharing: Online forums and fishing communities have seen an increase in discussions about KeepAlive products. Anglers are sharing tips on maintenance, seeking advice on alternatives, and reminiscing about their experiences with KeepAlive gear.

5. Opportunity for New Brands: The gap left by KeepAlive has opened opportunities for other fishing gear manufacturers. New and existing companies are stepping up to fill the void, leading to innovations and developments in fishing technology.

6. Reflection on Industry Sustainability: The closure has also sparked conversations about the sustainability and volatility of the fishing equipment industry. It serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting and valuing companies that contribute significantly to the fishing community.

KeepAlive’s departure from the market is more than just the loss of a brand; it represents a change in the landscape of fishing equipment and has had a ripple effect across the fishing community. As anglers adapt and the market evolves, the legacy of KeepAlive’s innovation continues to influence the world of fishing.

FAQs About KeepAlive Products


KeepAlive’s journey in the fishing equipment industry was marked by innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of the angler’s needs. While the company may no longer be in business, its spirit and contributions to the world of fishing will not be forgotten. KeepAlive’s products set a high standard in the industry, and their legacy will continue to inspire future innovations in fishing technology.

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