Steve Hood with wife.
Steve Hood with wife Ashley.

Hello! I’m Steve Hood, a lifelong enthusiast of the great outdoors and a dedicated angler with a penchant for blueberry pancakes – a nod to my childhood spent on a blueberry farm. Fishing isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s a cherished part of my life story.

I was practically raised with a fishing rod in hand, thanks to my father who introduced me to the sport at the age of four. My formative years were spent in a serene subdivision near Memphis, with two beautiful lakes as my playground. I have fond memories of fishing on those lakes, especially near the levy down from our house.

My passion for fishing was further nurtured by my family’s deep connections to the sport. Whether it was helping out on our blueberry farm with its private lake, or casting lines in a little-known creek in Choctaw County, Mississippi, each experience enriched my understanding and love for fishing. My grandfathers, one a dedicated employee of the Game and Fish Commission and the other an avid fisherman, were instrumental in shaping my skills and respect for nature.

In this blog, I aim to share not just my personal journey and stories, but also practical knowledge about livewells, aerators, oxygen systems, and more. I’ll be bringing in some seasoned experts to dive into various fishing topics, ensuring you get a well-rounded perspective.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to cast your first line or an experienced angler seeking deeper insights, I hope my blog serves as a valuable resource and a platform for shared passion. Feel free to reach out with your stories, questions, or tips – let’s embark on this fishing adventure together!

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